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6/28/2007     The margins are all goofed up and I don't know why.  Links still work but I'll dig in when I have a moment.

06/16/2007   Here's a quick SuperMoto video I made from a bit of trackday footage.  Just havin' fun out there.  (Right click/save as on the link)

This is going to be the link page to all of my motorcycle related content.  I'll continue to update the bikes past and present with reviews and any info I can think to add.

Of course the videos are always popular so I'm going to dedicate a section just for moto-vids.  I think the older videos got lost on the old site so this will make it easy to see what's currently available at a glance.

Look to this space for links to current videos. 

Click on any bike to see photos, reviews and links to the corresponding bike.

Yamaha YZ250F MX Bike



Ducati 996S.  Not your average Duc!



KTM LC4 SuperMoto


Honda RS125/80 GP race bike



2003 Kawasaki ZX900R- the last and best year of that beast.  900cc's of pavement pounding power.


Yamaha YSR50 mini-racer.  Ugg...what a crash-fest my mini-roadracing career was.



      More bikes I've owned to come.  These bikes were owned before digital cameras so I need to find some time to scan them and get them posted up.  I'll start with the Ducati 900SS/CR and the Yamaha FZR600 since those were my favorites of the bikes listed below.

  •      Ducati 900SS-CR

  •      Honda F4

  •      Yamaha FZR600

  •      Suzuki Katana 600 (two)

  •      Kawasaki EX500


























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