1st House


1st House
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Our first home & remodel -sold 11/2005.  Wow are we happy to be moving on.

01/05...This is the final update for the front room and hallway.  The completed front of the house is in here as well. 

I can not begin to express how happy I am that we have finally come to this point.  I learned a lot.  We couldn't have done all this without the support from our friends and family so 'Thank You' to those of you reading this.  You know who you are, and you rule!!  A special thanks to Steve for guiding us through these sometimes stormy seas.  To step back and think about how much we've done in such a short time is fairly amazing.  2005 will be a great year for one simple reason: no major projects!!  There will be little things like finishing the paint on the exterior trim and patio, the plants for the rock garden, the rocks in front of the front window, and a few small finishing interior items.  Nothing big.  This means that '05 is the year to enjoy the house.  Expect BBQ's when the weather gets nice, we'll cya there! 

            Click here for the final front room update!!


11/04...one year later.  We have a nice update coming on this page to show you what our house looks like a year later.  We've done so much since we've moved in~ as if we hadn't taken on enough remodeling the interior. 

  • We built a backyard fence. 
  • Sod and sprinklers, tropical plants are in the ground. 
  • New driveway, porch, and new sidewalk to the backyard. 
  • Painted the trim, porch, and bump outs in the front.
  • The rocks around the entryway have been removed and updated with smaller rocks and tighter grout lines. 
  • Steve helped us remove the old storage cabinets outside the bathroom and we put in a nice counter with drawers. 
  • Cable lighting in the hallway went in~ it's like a mini art gallery in our hall without the art. 
  • We got a new entertainment center and we're actually starting to decorate.  That part seems fun after all the work we've done. 


Yep, busy bees we've been.  Below you will find a fairly major update regarding the exterior of our home.  The interior update is not that far off so as usual....stay tuned!!


Step by step, our yard began to shape up.  We've had mud/dirt/weeds tracking through our house for what seemed like forever.  At last...behold! The miracle of  SOD!!  Click here for photos + some driveway stuff



10/03 Start!

Blood, sweat, and tears...our photo album is here for you to enjoy!  Please feel free to poke around.

Click on the blue links below to see our HUGE photo collection from our house project.  When you click on the link it will open a page full of smaller pictures, or 'thumbnails.'  If you want to see a larger photo, just click on the thumbnail and it will open into a larger photo.  If you are someone involved in the project and see a picture you would like to have for yourself, let me know and I'll get you the  significantly better looking,  higher resolution original.  Just let me know.


                                   I like helping Dad paint!

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