01/05...This is the final update for the front room and hallway.  The completed front of the house is in here as well. 

I can not begin to express how happy I am that we have finally come to this point.  I learned a lot.  We couldn't have done all this without the support from our friends and family so 'Thank You' to those of you reading this.  You know who you are and you rule!!  A special thanks to Steve for guiding us through these sometimes stormy seas.  To step back and think about how much we've done in such a short time is fairly amazing.  2005 will be a great year for one simple reason: no major projects!!  There will be little things like finishing the paint on the exterior trim and patio, the plants for the rock garden, the rocks in front of the front window, and a few small finishing interior items.  Nothing big.  This means that '05 is the year to have bbq's, drink beer with friends and generally enjoy all of our hard work.


What we started with

Before the hammer dropped. Notice only one window

If we were going to put in central heat and air it made sense to insulate the house. Sheetrock had to come off.

We found what we think is the perfect Entertainment Center for our space

Walking in the front door

With flash

Natural light...the hassle w/ the cable lighting was well worth it.

It rained for a week and a half right after they did this. So much for a quick job!

Cement done, rocks going on entry-way, stick still holding up the porch!

Just finished putting the porch back together and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Still needed to haul in the rocks for under the window. I wasn't looking forward to that job.

This is the final shot of the front. River rocks are in under the window and the white paint now wraps around the entire house.