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After months of dust, mud, and mess in general, we had our new expanded driveway and sod put in.  We hired contractors to do  those bits but I did all the rocks on the side yard, the rock garden along the back fence, and the dirt and plants for the flowerbeds.  The rock garden in the back will have potted plants sitting on tiered shelves I'm going to build in the spring.


This is from the fist day we showed up to start the demo..

New driveway going in

Fresh sod!

Is this the same house? The yellow rocks are the next thing to come off.

The new rocks under the porch are going up.

These are the signs of productivity.

After the fence went in (thanks guys!) I added the rock to the back corner. This is going to be a potted plant garden come spring.

YAY!!! Sod and sprinkler system is in and we added a row or tropical plants under the window & a few along the fence line.

These should grow to about 4-5' providing giant year round deep green leaves.