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Motorcycle Videos

Northern California Frozen Twigs and Berries Ride:  Very cold February day I take a ride with OldFatGuy with our Supermoto through some of our favorite canyon roads.  He's riding his KTM 950sm and I'm on the baby brother to that bike, the      KTM LC4 SuperMoto.

KTM LC4 Photoshare our at Stockton Motorplex.  1st time on the track with this bike.  Pretty big for a true supermoto but it is a streetbike afterll.

Mini-RoadRacing Memories.  Video of the RS125/80 in motion as well as some YSR50 stuff too.

YSR 50 Race Clips  04-04-2004 Stockton, California

YSR 50 Video clips from Prairie City around 2003

Schwants vs. Rainey 1991.  500 GP hero's.



Vacation Videos and Photo-shares

Life around the Four Seasons Resort, Maui 2006. One very pregnant Christine, and one happy me.

Maui 2006 Dive & Snorkel    My first dive- complete with sharks.  Too bad all the photos of the sharks were too dark.

Air Kauai Helicopter ride from 2004.

 Dog Sled video from Squaw Valley

Dog Sled video II from Squaw Valley- slightly longer clip.


Pet Videos

Jeno our German Shepherd as a puppy

Jeno playing in a field on a windy Winter day.


Funny stuff, radio clips, stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.


Ned from The Bubba the Love Sponge show calls the FCC regarding Bono and his use of the 'F' word on prime time TV.  This is not work safe, nor is it safe for little ears!

Howard and Robin talk about Patrick Kennedy getting pulled over for a d.u.i. and blaming it on Ambien.'s not my was the Ammmmbiiiaaaannnnn.

KittyCat Dance.  Totally insane, completely awesome!

Whale Disposal 1970's style.  Tnt + whale + dumb planning = mess



BBC Radio One House Mix- excellent set in my opinion



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