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09-09-2007     Just a quick note to let you guys know I haven't totally forgot about this side of the site. 

Turns out this page is quite popular so I'll do my best to spice it up with more info.  I spend most of my time with my one year old daughter so time is tight.  Still, I'll put some effort into it on the next post.



06/05-07  I'm just dumping old content here until I can get this all cleaned up.  I'll write more about what it is like to ride this bike, any tips I can pass along for working on one, as well as any other tips people want to contribute.  I'd really like this to be a nice resource for people looking into the awesome performance of these mini-rippers.  Definitely the kind of the food chain in mini gp racing.


Stiletto 100

so for I've only done the right side of the bike. If you look you can see how the left side is still milky white and ugly

The left side pre-cleaniing


01/05  Bike is rolling and running.  Still don't have the right part for the master cylinder and the first practice is this Sunday.  Great.  The wheel now spins without drag and the bike is pretty clean.  Most of the grime is gone and it will be nice to start the season with a clean bike where everything is nice and tight.  I need to remember to buy more locktite.  Being a two stroke motor all the screws want to back themselves out after three sessions.  Considering it's jetted in such a way it won't idle w/ the fatty flatside carb, the power delivery is a bit snappy and tends to really let you know it's working via the vibes through the bars, pegs, and set.  This isn't a street bike by any stretch of the imagination so the feedback the bike gives is actually a good thing. 

SIRIUS Internet Radio


I also fixed the little YSR VIDEO I MADE LAST YEAR.  Scroll down or click here to check it out.  The link had been going to our dog sled video and I tried to correct it several times.  I've always heard people tell me how Frontpage will eventually screw up the html and ' you'll be sorry.'  Well, it wasn't the end of the world but it was annoying.  It's fixed now so go check it out if you want to get an idea of what goes on during a race weekend.

11/04   In anticipation of the 2005 season, I'm going through my bike and taking everything apart.  Everything is getting inspected, lubed, worn out parts are getting replaced and I'm going to fix my master cylinder once and for all.  The bladder inside it is old and warped and it's leaking.  I also noticed that rear wheel bushings are shot and the bearings are virtually frozen.  Good thing it's winter because I've got a few project ahead of me.  I haven't even taken the head off or checked the front end yet so this should be interesting.  At least I'll know going into the next season that my bike is solid and I know I've done everything I can do to get the most out of my bike.


2004 has been a bit of a bust what with all of the house work that I've completed.  That and porking up again.  2005 is the new goal.  I've joined a gym and have been meeting with a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals.

While you're waiting for me to get in shape and the next season to begin, enjoy a pic or two of me on my new Honda RS 125/80.

This is the 'real deal'....a Honda Racing Corp. (HRC) 125 GP bike that has been downsized to a 80cc.  I still run this bike on the KART tracks but could easily source a motor and electronics and get it back on the 'big track.'


My, oh my, oh my.  What do we have here folks?  Yep, my first 'real' race bike.  After three frustrating years on the YSR50 I'm upgrading.  My original plan was to purchase a Derbi GPR 50, fix it up and race it.  I had everything lined up for the Derbi purchase and just a few weeks from taking delivery.  Then I saw this bike posted on B.A.R.F..  I couldn't stop thinking about this bike.  I was looking forward to the Derbi but I wasn't 'excited.'  This bike got me excited.  What is it and why be excited? 

This is a Honda RS125/80 Grand Prix bike made to do one thing: go around  Just about everything is made out of aluminum so it's super light, but rigid.  The suspension had been re-valved front and rear and runs on Dunlop slicks.  The largest two stroke motor you can run on the shifter-cart tracks I ride on is 88cc.   Because of this, the original 125cc motor had to be removed and a 80cc motor transplanted in its place.  An 80cc motor was sourced from a Honda CR80 dirt bike, machined, and installed by Jason Moffit.  He's done 8 of these conversions now and has gotten pretty good at it.  He threw on a fat flat-side carb and a Tommy Crawford pipe and bam! this thing really rips!

I'm going to try and keep a log of my race events so look for a link to the left in the future.



1994 Honda RS125 GP

1994 Forks and Shock revalved and rebuilt by Lindemann Engineering. Front re-sprung, still has stock spring on the rear.

1993 HRC Wheels.

Front Steel Braided Brake Line.

2002 CR80 motor, cases machined by NorCal Fabrication. Complete Top End & Clutch just installed w\ HD springs by Jody at Concord Motorsports Honda. Motor is still on stock bore. The entire Motor was previously rebuilt by Redwood City Honda last Fall/October.  It has just been broken in it's been ridden that little, really.

Motor employs 28mm Keihin PWK Flat Slide Carb. TDR Fiber Reeds.

Tommy Crawford TC Exhaust Pipe and Silencer.

AirTech 1994 RS Bodywork with Lockhart screen. Although the bike is very photogenic, there are some garage scars, scratches and stress cracks on the bodywork.

Dunlop Tires:  Front NEW!  Rear is at about 80 percent..

NEW 47t rear sprocket & DID ER Chain. Spare NEW 49t rear sprocket & stock rear sets plates. The body work and tank painted surfaces have some minor imperfections from bumps in the garage. No giant dents in tank. Bike was built to race SMMRC CMRRA but did not finish this project in time.

Competitive bike and Race Ready.


The body work and tank have minor surface scratches.

Frame is straight! Wheels are straight! Forks are Straight! Overall, in really great shape for a race bike... The pegs are ground down a bit.

Top End recently rebuilt as stated and at stock bore. The entire Motor was previously rebuilt in Fall/October. Current top end and clutch have just the breakin time plus a few test laps, the entire Motor has less than 10 hours of "Race" use on it since the complete rebuild.