2003 ZX9R
RS125//80 GP
~ YSR50 Racer ~

7/30/06 SM Hooligans track day at Stockton.  Another awesome day. ..  Check out the video!! WARNING:  it's kinda big.

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Sorry for the lack of content but here's a little Supermoto video I made to keep you busy. (Right click/ save as.. on the link) It's a .wmv by the way.

06/21/06  So it looks like I've had this awesome bike for about a year.  I really need to get it in gear and do some quality writing about the KTM.  I LOVE this bike.  It's just a ton of fun to ride and I really enjoy the 'sit up and beg' seating position. 



I've had a chance to take the bike for a few rides now and I'm having a real blast on this thing. 

The first time I really rode the bike the rear tire went flat in the middle of a turn.  The thing went into a full on sideways slide but I rode it out and everything was fine except for a slightly elevated heart rate.  The rear was an Avon Azaro av50 rear and it looked like it had a few hundred miles left in it, at least.  Guess not.  Got that replaced and was introduced to the right hand drive and what a big pain in the butt it is to get the rear break caliper off without scratching the rear rim when taking the wheel off.  I'm sure it's just technique and I'll get it down soon enough.  If anyone has any tips, please let me know and I'll post 'em up!

I forgot to mention some of the goodies this bike has on it.  If the bike was stock I would not have been so excited about the possibility of picking up the bike. 

To help the motor breathe it's running a 41mm flat-side carb with spent gasses exiting through a full titanium header and exhaust.  This makes for an immediate connection between your right wrist and the rear wheel.  Very crisp and snappy feeling throttle with this combo.


I picked up the KTM LC4 Supermoto from a friend in San Francisco.  This bike is the most fun I've had in a while on a bike.


These bikes don't come up all that often and when a friend mentioned he was thinking about selling this bike I knew I had to act fast to snatch it up quick.  Turns out I was right because there were a couple other buyers ready to go with cash in hand.  I know the seller from the mini-moto-racing circle of friends and he wanted the bike to go to a friend.  He put a lot of time and effort into this bike and wanted to see it go to a good home and thought it might be fun to get to hear about the bike once in a while.

So yay for me in that I got the bike and all the original parts as well as some spare bits for future maintenance.


The front brake is awesome! It can easily out brake the front tire I'm currently running with it's incredible stopping power.  It's got the Motomaster Supermoto racing brake upgrade on it and these things offer major 'whoa!' power with one finger.  I might bleed them a bit b/c they are really, really tight right now.  I like a little squish in my lever and these things are currently set up rock hard.

It's got other nice details like hand guards, a Daytona electric tach, oil temp gauge, and the 'comfort seat.'  The seat is way better than the stock one but there isn't a lot of "comfort" to the 'comfort seat.'  Also, the bike is really loud with this exhaust setup on it.