~ YSR50 Racer ~
2003 ZX9R
RS125//80 GP
~ YSR50 Racer ~




Here are a few photos from the first event of 2004.




First heat of the season...on the pre-grid

before the main...this about says it all...

I built this thing from the frame up. Very satisfing experience to build it, then go race it.

Riders meeting at Prarie City...ah the old days..not!

Paul and Susan

 YSR50 SuperSport Specs

  • Motor rebuilt by Team Calamari Racing  from the crank up, still on original bore.  Cylinder ported, head milled & shaped. 

  • FOX-Shock, perfect condition

  • Dyno-Jet kit, TCR Stage 5 pipe, carbon fiber reeds

  • Front end spring kit with 30wt, new seals

  • TCR triple clamp and fork brace

  • Brass rear swing arm bearings

  • New head bearings

  • 1/4 turn throttle

  • Nology hot wire

  • New Chain, aluminum front and rear sprockets

  • Aluminum clipons

  • IRC Tires


These are the most recent photos of the bike:


Hot Deal