2003 ZX9R
RS125//80 GP
~ YSR50 Racer ~



1999 Ducati 996S-----Scroll down for the photos!


06/30/2008  I crashed at Infinion Raceway.  That would be Sears Point to us old guys.

Click here for the photos of the carnage

09/28/06  I've had a chance to take the Ducati out with the rebuilt rear shock with the new spring.  Just cruising around the roads by my home I can tell that the rear end feels much better and doesn't begin to oscillate over every bump in the pavement.  Can't wait to get back to the track after the New Year.  Yep, done for the year.  Rats.

9/9/06  Everything changed.  We had a baby so my riding time has been limited.  In NO way am I giving up riding but instead simply attending to our new baby's needs for the frst few moths of her life.  I've already got track days on the books for next year so stay tuned!

8/24/06    Dropped it off at Evolution Suspension to have the rear shock re-sprung for my weight, as well as having it rebuilt and recharged.  With the baby coming any week now I will not be doing any trackdays soon but it will still be interesting to see how much the bike changes when it's set up for me and my considerable heft.  I pick it up in a few days, I'll let you know how that goes.


4/20/2006  First Trackday with the Ducati: Thunder Hill in Willows, CA.<click for write up of event from my perspective & Action Photos.  Still a work in progress.

I'm not so fast these days but I sure had a great day out there.  It has been raining for the last month and a half so to get a great day was just fantastic.  T-2 had water seeping up from the track and got worse as the day went on.  New spots appeared in the racing line, just where you didn't want it.  I started to park it in 2 after I had a couple slides that made me pucker up pretty good.  Better to slow down & take the outside line than wad up my pretty new toy.  The track day was limited to 47 people.  T-2 claimed at least 6 bikes today.  It was be careful or be the one that brings out the flag to end the 'session.'  We really didn't have 'sessions' as it was an open track day but you get the idea.


The SuperBike I always dreamed of.

Carbon Fiber dream