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This year, 2007, Leo turned 70.  Mark, Katie, Christine and myself thought it would be more than fun to give him something he'd never buy for himself.  Something fun for the sake of being fun.  What to get for a guy who lives on a golf-course who doesn't golf?  A new golf-cart of course! 

Mark and Katie were up North to help us celebrate his birthday and to help present the cart.  Thanks to Pat for letting us use her garage to hide the present for a night. 

When they left to go pick up Mark and Katie, Chris and I ran down to Pat's and picked up the cart.  We then backed it into the garage and put some ribbons on it and waited.  And waited....

Finally the rattle and clacking of the garage door opening told us it was time for action.  I whipped open the video recorder and fired it up just in time to see them pull up expecting to park in the garage only to find out some rude person had parked in the garage.  Wait..what's that...bows? Ribbons?  What's going on here?!!!

Alexis put on her best smile while Mark and Katie hopped out of the car to join us in a round of 'Happy Birthday.  Needless to say he was pretty blown away.  My mother was also in the dark about this whole project so it gave the whole planning phase a bit more spice.  She appeared shocked as well.

Enjoy the photos,



//ps// Don't like photos?  Watch the how the whole deal went down by clicking here.(right click/save as..)  It's a .wmv, sorry Mac folks.  If you really want a copy I would be happy to burn and send you a dvd of the .mpg.

Hurry up and get home!

Future Leomobile

Leo speachless...a first!

...and this is the steering wheel here...

DUDE!!! We're totally in the club now!!!! Woot!!!!

Leomobile's maiden voyage went without incident.

You wouldn't want to meet this motley crew on a dark fairway.

Alexis approves!

Mark was Johnny-on-the-spot with the camera action. Thanks Mark!!!!

One of my favorites from the weekend.


Hi Aunt Katie!

BFF'S???? Best Friends Forever? I think so.



Click here for Surprise #1 the Saturday the 14th video of Leo getting his SuperLeoLeisureLivingMobile.


Click here for Sunday the 15th.  Surprise #2, the party!!!!!