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Sunday, April 15 the fun continued.  The story was that we were going for a nice family brunch at Scott's Seafood and Grill.  Christine, Alexis, and I would go in our own car and just meet them there. 

We arrived to greet the secret guests and wait for the call that they were on the way.  The waiting part seemed to go on forever.  We thought it was bad waiting for them with the cart yesterday but this was terrible!  Eventually they arrived, the manager gave us the heads up they were walking down the hall and away we went.  Surprise! 

Surprised he was..  Last night we thought he was dropping hints that he was onto us but it was a false alarm.  As you'll see in the photos, his face looks genuinely surprised and a first...he was speechless twice in the same weekend.  First with the 'LeisureLivingLeomobile' and now with this party.  Happy Birthday Dad!!

Special thanks to all of our friends who helped in their own ways. 

Click Here for the VIDEO of Leo walking in the room.  Right click on link, then select 'save as' and download to your pc to watch video.


Enjoy the photos.  Click on any image to make it larger.


'Tears of Joy'