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 In March of 2006 we took our last vacation before Alexis arrives.  We decided to really do it up and stay at the Four Seasons Resort on Maui.   The service there was fantastic and everyone was more than willing to try and make your stay as pleasant as possible.  The view from the room was relaxing and hanging around the pool was new for us.  We're usually out on the go most of the time but we made sure to spend a lot of time relaxing, reading books and napping by the pool.  It's nice that they've got people circulating all day asking if you want fruit, a wet towel, a spritz of Evian to cool you off.  Fairly excessive and we found it a bit much at first.  That feeling lasted about a day and a half and quickly found ourselves enjoying all the services and offerings the resort had to offer.



   Here is the video of my scuba dives




The only negatives:  We did have a few issues with the food service, once with room service, the  other with one of the in-house restaurants.  We expected more from the Four Seasons in this regard but everything else was so nice it made it much easier to overlook the issues we did have.  I should also mention that after each error or issue they