Tobacco Crop
GC Crystal



Graycliff Crystal Toro 6x50      


Cigars International blurb:

“Often compared to the beloved Ashton VSG, the Crystal Series is a bold, medium to full-bodied gem. Rated 90+ on more than one occasion, in addition to “Best of the Best” honors from Robb Report, this flavorful lovely combines a thick and oily Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper with a complex mixture of supremely aged long-fillers from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Honduras. As an added bonus, a rare strain of Grecian tobacco was carefully blended into this cigar, adding a lovely spice to the fray. After significant box-aging, the Crystal Series blankets the palate with bold, yet elegant flavors, including leather, earth, pepper, and a sweet aftertaste that complements the cigar’s rich core perfectly.

This just might be Graycliff’s most sophisticated handmade. “


Partnered with Johnny Walker Green

Setting: garage with dog, 101 F

Pre-light inspection:

Dark, slightly toothy wrapper with slightly grassy pre-light draw.  Nothing remarkable, nor nothing negative to report.


First 1/3

Cap cuts off easily with a twist and snip of the Palio cutter and reveals an even, smooth draw. 

Fires right up with a torch and draw remains smooth. 


Earthy tones hit the palate with a thick smoke that's fun to roll around in the mouth.  Finish has a hint of sweetness with a lingering spice.  The JW Green is really brining out the spice in the finish.  Working towards the end of the first third, the draw reveals the earth tones and  leather building in intensity while keeping the slightly spicy finish.   Ash has been holding firm and keeping the draw cool and very smooth. 



Smoke gets richer, fuller in body.  While still smooth, the spice is becoming more pronounced it's very easy to pass the smoke though the nose.  Heating up a little at the end of the second third but mostly likely because I'm smoking it a bit on the fast side.  Ash refuses to drop but the burn line has gone from laser even to a slightly flowery edge.  Nothing horrible, just an observation.  Very relaxing smoke thus far and leaves my mouth with a little tingle.


Ash finally dropped.  Earth and leather have edged the spice out of the way on the draw.  Finish is almost like the warmth from a jalapeño pepper oil on the tip on my tongue.  The Crystal has that Graycliff flavor profile I can't quite place from the Original and Professional, just a bit less of it.  Maybe it's a bit fuller bodied and less grassy but I'm not good enough to tell you what that profile is.  This smoke has gone though several subtle changes I wish I could tell you more about but again, my palate just isn't developed enough to describe them all to you.


Liked it:  Yes

Buy again?  Yes

recommend?  Yes, goes great on a full stomach.  I enjoy the subtle changes all the way throughout this smoke and appreciate that it remains smooth to the nub.