I'm a fairly new member over at Club Stogie and have met some great new friends, I'm learning a ton about quality, hand made cigars, and have been gifted an amazing amount of cigars in the process.


One member in particular gets his own page here at Eric Loranger .com and that guy is Massphattness, or, Vin from MA.  This guy is a lunatic for starters.  I mentioned that I'd like to try a Gurka or two and what shows up out of the blue? 

Bomb number one hit early Feburary 2008:


Ok so that was amazing so I send him a little 'thanks.'


Mr. Massphatness didn't take kindly to me lobbing a grenade back at him.  Just a very small taste of things I enjoy, no biggie or so I thought.



This week, mid February 2008...KABOOM!!!!!!!

This doesn't look good.




H Hupman Habana
Taboo Special Forces
Cao Extreme
La Gloria Cubana
Camacho 1962
CAO Brazillia
Cohiba Habana
Cao ??? like a robusto but longer and very, very dark maduro wrapper
RyJ 1875 reserva real

bonus: Red Pats cap


So, like, holy crap!!!!  The best part is I haven't tried any of those save for the H Upman


Three things left to do:

1.     Surrender

2.     Say "Thank You."

3.     Smoke a ton of fantastic cigars!!!!